Hey. We're Bruce and Danny.

We create brands and websites, mostly for local and community businesses. We care deeply about your needs, and we'll never compromise on quality.

We met in 2018 while teaching in London. Later, we worked together as part of the company's leadership team, creating design & engineering curricula and helping our colleagues get better at their work.

Tavern was born from a growing desire to work together, helping local independent businesses develop their brand and online presence.



Bruce trained in graphic design, going on to work in the creative industry before establishing his own studio. With 10 years experience freelancing for a diverse range of clients from start ups to large organisations, he delivered and built courses in user experience design, user interface design and learning design. With a love for building design systems and making things beautiful, he has a meticulous approach to his work.


Software Engineer

Danny's been writing code for almost 20 years, and has worked as a senior software engineer in startups and large organisations alike. Long ago, he ran a small web design agency much like Tavern. He's built and delivered courses in web development, agile coaching and learning design. Recently he's been more focused on leadership development and system design, but has always maintained a deep love of beautiful, high-quality functional design.

Lots of designers and developers that work with small businesses overcomplicate things: both their process and the product you receive. Our experience working on large, complex software products tells us that simple almost always is best.

Simple does not mean low-quality. In fact, it usually means the opposite: the simpler the thing, the less chance something will go wrong.

We've developed a process that helps us create great brands and collaborate well with our clients. This lets us focus energy on the things that really matter to you.

This is why we build most of our websites in Webflow. It's the leading visual tool for building, hosting and managing websites. Unlike other visual builders, it's based on HTML and CSS, the technologies used to code websites – this means it has very few constraints. It allows us to build complex custom designs quickly, and makes it easy for you to manage and edit your own website if you want to.

It's not that we can't code a custom web app. But it's rarely the best thing for small businesses to do. Without programmers to maintain it, a hand-coded website can quickly become a mill-chain around your neck.

Tavern isn't our only job, and as such we have the luxury of choosing the clients we work with. We absolutely love building long-term relationships with genuine people care about quality as much as we do.

We'd love to meet in person but if that's not possible, we're experts in remote working (we both coach people in it). So if you're worried about working with a remote team we understand, and know how to make it painless and straight-forward.

If you think we can help or you're after some advice, we'd love to hear from you: hello@taverndesign.com

The packages below give an idea of the kind of stuff we offer. But every project starts with a conversation, so we're not bund by them.

Our Values



We care about local business, supporting one another and working on projects that we care about.


We don't compromise on quality in anything we do. Technical, conceptual and creative excellence comes first. We also respect the value of education, training and experience and commit to the highest standards in everything we produce. This means that if we don't think we can do something well, we won't commit to it.


We value happiness at work, and making others happier by working with us. We are approachable, nice, friendly people. Promise.


We're open and transparent in what we do. We're honest and won't make unethical decisions. We are always accountable.



The packages below give an idea of the kind of stuff we offer. But every project starts with a conversation, so we're not bund by them.


All-new branding foryour business.

What you get

  • Concept designs
  • Logo system (logo design, sub marks, favicon etc)
  • Colour palette
  • Brand guidelines

From £800


A new website to attract your customers.


From £1650


Essential package plus additional pages specific to your business.

From £2050


Standard package website plus online E-commerce store.

From £2650


Choose both branding and website build for the most coherent online presence.

Branding & Essential Website

From £1650

Branding & Standard Website

From £2050

Branding & E-Commerce Website

From £2650


Hit us up if you need something different. Things like user testing and prototyping. Whatever.